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Ron Hill Marathon Man

Ron Hill is one of the country’s greatest marathon runners and at Sports Tours International we have close ties with the second man ever to break 2:10 in a marathon.

This year he returns to the scene of his European Gold, the Athens Marathon – although this time, 41 years later, he’ll be doing the 10k.

Here he gives us some tips on preparing for endurance races and in particular the hilly, Athens course.

Ron Hill’s Marathon Training Tips and Advice

Manchester Marathon

Inspired by the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, Ron Hill has written a book alongside Neil Shuttleworth to tell the story of the city’s 35 marathons in the years before the games.

“This is a perfect book for those who are interested in how marathon running has developed, especially as it is not only elite racing.” British Runner.

You can order the book on this link.

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