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Stop knee pain from ruining your cycling

Stop Knee Pain From Ruining Your Cycling
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Harris and Ross

Just to introduce myself, my name is Rob Harris. My profession is as an elite sports physiotherapist and along with Jeff Ross I am one of the founding partners of the Harris & Ross Sports & Spinal Physiotherapists chain of sports physiotherapy Centres located across the North West.

My background however is as an elite cyclist and triathlete competing in both sports at the highest levels at various stages during my career.

Interestingly I got into physiotherapy following a severe bout of knee pain induced by cycling in too larger gears which almost kept me out of my place with New Zealand at the World Cycling Championships of that year. Following this I have always had an interest in cycling related knee pain.

Following my experience in private practise, in which patellofemoral or knee cap related pain is one of the most common conditions we treat, I was astounded on one particularly brutal day, riding the Passo del Mortirolo, on the back of the enormous Passo del Gavia in Italy last year, just how many cyclists on a climb like this littered the side of the road wincing in pain, bending and straightening their knees, their big day and possibly their season in tatters because of an entirely preventable but inherently poorly understood condition!

This article is written largely in the hope of explaining the condition, its causes and hopefully as a means of helping prevent its onset well before it strikes halfway up a road in the middle of nowhere in Northern Italy, or ruins your big day out at the Etape du Tour this year!

What I’ve done is split it up into chapters so you can click the link and read more.

Patellofemoral Pain
Causes and Factors to be corrected
Causes of knee pain in cycling
Addressing Pain
Preventing Overuse injuries
Biomechanical stretching and correcting programme

Please note though that whilst it is possible to re-produce or learn these stretches from the internet there is often a fine line as to their degree of efficacy, especially the ITB stretch. Given the amount of valuable training time you will be putting into this routine it is strongly advised that you are taught these on a one to one basis by a suitably skilled physiotherapist! If they are taught to you once well then you have this skill for life!

Good luck with the upcoming season but please if you do develop pain around the front of the knee whilst cycling, don’t let any one tell you it’s arthritis. Consult a sports physiotherapist and let them help you deal with it quickly and effectively.

Yours in Sports – The Team at Harris and Ross

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